Woodford International School has an open policy on eligibility. While the offer to enrol is not decided by ability, religion, or race, there are limitations in what we are able to provide with regard to special needs children or children who have little or no command of the basic language of instruction, English. In such circumstances our Woodford Educational Support Team (WEST) may be required to assist your child. In some cases, parents may need to pay for the additional assistance of a teacher aide for their child and/or to enroll them in additional support classes. Failure to comply with any such request may lead to the cancellation of a student's enrolment.

The enrolment process involves 3 stages:

  • Application
  • The completion of a placement test
  • Interview with the Head of School or designated officer


These should be made on the appropriate admissions form and be accompanied by proof of date of birth (certificate or passport), the last two school reports (if applicable), and submitted with the application fee of SBD$ 1500.00. In cases where an enrolment offer is not taken up or deferred, no refund will be provided and a new application and fee will be required.

Download Application Form here

Class placement

A student’s initial placement will be according to age using the following guidelines but may be adjusted only by the Head of School following the review of placement tests, interviews and observations of performance over the first couple of weeks.

Kindergarten (3-4 years) Must turn 3 before March 31

Pre-school (4-5 years) Must turn 4 before March 31

Prep (5-6 years) Must turn 5 before March 31

Year 1 (6-7 years) Must turn 6 before March 31

Year 2 (7-8 years) Must turn 7 before March 31

Year 3 (8-9 years) Must turn 8 before March 31

Year 4 (9-10 years) Must turn 9 before March 31

Year 5 (10-11 years) Must turn 10 before March 31

Year 6 (11-12 years) Must turn 11 before March 31

Year 7 (12-13 years) Must turn 12 before March 31

Year 8 (13-14 years) Must turn 13 before March 31

Year 9 (14-15 years) Must turn 14 before March 31

Year 10 (15-16 years) Must turn 15 before March 31

Year 11 (16-17 years) Must turn 16 before March 31

Year 12 (17-18 years) Must turn 17 before March 31


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