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Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

Curriculum (what curriculums are you using in your school)

From Kindergarten- Year 5 we use the International Baccalaureate (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP). 
Year 6- 8 are using Cambridge Lower Secondary 
Year 9-10 Cambridge IGCSE (International General Certificate in Secondary Education)
Year 11- 12 Cambridge Advanced (A) Levels

ECA’s (what ECA's does the school offer)

The school offers a variety of ECA’s each term, which are run by staff or parent volunteers. They range from subject support classes to sports, ICT, music and art and crafts. The ECA’s run from week 2- 8 each term and are from Tuesday- Thursday.

Single subject offerings (what single subjects does the school offer)

In the Primary school the single subjects are:

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Visual Art

  • Music

  • Person, Social and Physical Education (PSPE)

  • Library 

  • Mandarin (Year 2- 5 only)

In Middle school the single subjects are:

  • Information Communication Technology (ICT)

  • Visual Ar

  • Music

  • Person, Social and Physical Education (PSPE)

  • Mandarin 

    Stationery and textbooks (does my child need to buy books and stationery items)

    In the Primary school students do not need to bring anything to school. All books, exercise books and stationary items are provided. If a students brings stationary items in they need to be clearly labeled with the students’s name. 
    Students in Secondary school need to bring a device such as mobile phone, laptop or tablet to store E-Books. They also need to bring pens and pencils and a scientific calculator. Exercise books and text books are provided by the school.

    Uniform (what shoes, socks should my child wear)

    Students need to wear closed in shoes and socks in natural colours. Students are not allowed to wear slippers/flip flops to school. Sports shoes need to be worn during PSPE lessons.

    Extra support (is there support for students with learning difficulty or behaviour difficulty)

    The school has a support team “WEST” (Woodford Educational Support Team) which consists currently of a Special Educational Support (SEN) Coordinator, English as an Additional Language (EAL) Coordinator and a volunteer Psychologist and Dyslexia Expert.

    School bus (does the school bus pick and drop students off)

    The school bus drops students off after school who live on the West side. Drop off places are along the main road. There is a 4:00 pm bus for the students who do Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s)

    School times (when does school start/finish)

    School starts at 8:20 am and finishes at 3:00 pm. Extra Curricular activities (ECA’s) run from 3:10- 4:00 pm on Tuesdays - Thursdays.

    Mobile phones/Tablets (can my child bring their mobile phone or tablet to school)

    Yes they can. Students in Middle and High school need a device to put their e-books on. This can be a phone, tablet or laptop computer. Phones and tablets are only used in class when the teachers has given permission for the students to use them.

    Tuck-shop (is there a tuck-shop available. If yes, how does my child order)

    There is a tuck shop available at school which is open from 7:30 am - 4:00 pm. Food for recess and lunch have to be ordered in the classrooms. Each classroom has a basket for the tuck shop that is handed in before recess and lunch.