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Weekly Email: Week 10 Term 1

Dear Parents and Carers,

These are strange and difficult times for parents, students and teachers. I sincerely hope that wherever you happen to be in the world you are coping well with the disruption to your normal life caused by Covid 19. Here at school we have been doing all we can to provide online learning and to prepare for our scheduled re-opening on April 21 st . We are seeking to put in place stringent health checks and rigorous cleaning regimes and practices for our reopening. We plan to open at all year levels but there will be strict rules regarding touch and spacing along with a general awareness of the dangers of spreading infection.

Of course, government discussions regarding future lockdowns and procedures for our first

confirmed Solomon Island case of Covid 19 means that the Board and Leadership Team have reviewed various scenarios where we are unable to reopen as planned on April 21 st . The uncertainties and unprecedented nature of this global crisis make our various options too numerous to outline at this stage but you will hear more from me as soon as any changes to our plans are agreed with the Board. For this reason, I urge you to keep in communication with us. We will use Instagram, Facebook, our webpage (wis.edu.sb) and where possible personal emails to keep you all informed. Texts messages will be sent in emergency situations.

Fees for Term 1 and 2

Please pay fees as soon as possible. We rely almost totally on fee income to keep the school running and in these uncertain times our cash flow becomes more critical than ever. Anyone still with outstanding fees from Term 1 should pay them immediately or email me on headofschool@wis.edu.sb

We are also in the process of sending out Term 2 invoices. We intend to open for Term 2 and need fees to continue effectively. If you have queries regarding payment of Term 2 fees given the current uncertainties please don’t hesitate to contact me on headofschool@wis.edu.sb or call on 7321385

Term 1 Interim Reports

Because we were unable to have the Three Way Conferences, the teachers have written an interim report to inform you of your child’s progress. The reports for Primary students will be sent out tomorrow and the reports for Secondary students will go out on Monday. Please feel free to contact your child’s homeroom teacher or subject teacher if you have any questions about the report.

Easter Holiday

The School will be closed from Friday 3rd April at 4.00 p.m. to Tuesday 21st April when we hope to open for students.  At this stage the School Office will be open from 9 to 3 on Monday 6th April, Friday 17th April and Monday 20th April. Times and days will vary if lockdowns are in progress. 

Enjoy the rest of the week and stay healthy!

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