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Weekly Email: Week 4 Term 1

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Board Members

The Board is looking for new board member nominations for the AGM on 11th March. For more information please contact me on headofschool@wis.edu.sb


A quick reminder that all Term 1 fees are now due. Please pay promptly to avoid burdening the school with any of the additional costs associated with late payments. A big thank you to the many parents that have paid up fully and in good time.

Munch and Sip break in Primary School

What is Munch and Sip?

It is a set break to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water. Students refuel with fruit or vegetables during this 10 minute break, which is between recess and lunch.

Why have Munch and Sip?

It encourages fruit and vegetable munching and drinking water. It assists in physical and mental performance and concentration. Munch and Sip gives students the opportunity to eat a piece of fruit that might otherwise be left in their lunchbox or thrown in the bin at school.

What can parents do?

For the munch and sip break parents will need to provide their children with:

an extra piece of fruit or vegetables and a bottle of water. The tuckshop also has fruit available for munch and sip.

Mufti Day Friday 28 February

Mufti Days are organised by the Student Council as a fundraiser. They are on the Friday of week 5 of each term. The Student Council comes up with a theme for the Mufti day and students come dressed in that theme on Mufti day. Students who come dressed in Mufti have to pay $5.00 which goes to the Student Council and will be used for projects in the school or the community.

The theme for Primary School: "Colours of the Rainbow


The theme for Secondary school: “Tropical Island”

Term 1 Event News

Woodford's Got Talent will be on Saturday 21st of March. Sign-up forms are available in the office as well as with the committee members: Ms Wendy (Yr 6) and Mr Ben (WEST).

Auditions are in Week 5 and 6 in the music room during lunch time. For more information, attached please see the poster.

Book Week is in Week 7. The theme for this year’s Book Week is: “Curious Creatures, Wild Minds”. More details about the Book Week will be provided later.

Woodford’s Instagram account

We're so happy to announce that Woodford now has an Instagram account! Follow us at @wis.edu.sb to see all the latest activities, event photos and maybe some inside scoop from our student council. https://www.instagram.com/wis.edu.sb/

Secondary Department

Thank you to the parents/guardians who have acquired PE uniforms for their child/ren. Secondary school is tightening up on wearing the proper uniform during PE sessions. If a student has lost his/her PE uniform or still needs to buy it, please try and do so before next week. Students who are not wearing their PE uniforms without any good reasons and notification from a parent/guardian, will not participate in PE activities.

Middle School

1. STEM has been successfully initiated on Wednesday this week (week 4).

2. All students are now actively using their lockers. Please contact Joycelyn at joycelyn.ofana@wis.edu.sb if you have any issues regarding student lockers.

3. All students should now have full access to their ebooks for Math, English, Science and SOSE. It has been shared on google drive. If your child/ren still doesn't have access, please email the Middle School Coordinator, augustine.kafukese@wis.edu.sb for any queries regarding Middle School.

High School

1. The High school students (Year 9 and 10) had an inspiring educational and motivational talk on Wednesday 19th February from Dr Derek Mane (Deputy Secretary to the Prime Minister, PhD International Development). He talked to the students about his educational pathway, career options and the successes and challenges faced through his journey. Thank you, Dr Derek Mane!

2. There was a New Zealand Aid Scholarship talk from Berris Olitisa (NZ Development Programme Coordinator) for Year 11 and 12 students on Wednesday 19th February. The talk was very timely and informative for students who would be applying for NZ Aid Scholarships. Thank you Berris Olitisa.

3. Some unit tests for High school subjects have already been done, others are just around the corner. Students are urged to study diligently to perform well in these assessments as some of them will be internally assessed and used for semester one grades.

Upcoming Events

Week 4

Friday 21 February: Year 4 Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 9 Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall

Friday 21 February: Year 4 Garage Sale at 3:00 pm in the hall.

Week 5

Friday 28 February: MUFTI Day.

○ Theme for Primary School: “Colours of the Rainbow”

○ Theme for Secondary School: “Tropical Island”

Friday 28 February: Year 2 Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 12 Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall.

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Woodford International School P.O. Box R44, Honiara, Solomon Islands Tel: (+677) 30186 Fax: (+677) 38021  Email: Communication@wis.edu.sb Web: www.wis.edu.sb

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