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Weekly Email: Week 5 Term 1

Dear Parents and Guardians

Annual General Meeting 11th March 7.00 p.m in the Training Room

I urge all parents to attend this most important annual event. To obtain a quorum at least 53 parents must be present. The AGM is an opportunity to hear from current board members about 2019 and to participate in the election of new board members and the new PTFA Chair for 2020. Meetings usually last no more than one and a half hours and light refreshments will be provided. The School will also run a creche for younger children on the night. The Board would like to hear from anyone interested in becoming either a board member or the Chair of PTFA (who also sits on the Board). Please call Tony Baron personally on either 30186 or 7321385 to receive further details.

A provisional agenda is printed below and I will circulate more information two days prior to the event.

Woodford School Board of Management

Annual General Meeting

7pm, Wednesday 11th March, 2020

Provisional Agenda

1. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 2019 Annual General Meeting

* 2019 Minutes will be emailed to parents prior to the meeting

2. Board’s Annual Report (Chair of the Board Peter Matherson represented by Sebastian Ilala)

* Written report will be Emailed to parents prior to the meeting

3. Treasurer and Business Manager’s report (Ed McCowan)

4. Head of School’s report (Tony Baron, Head of School)

5. Questions from the floor

6. Election of members of the next Woodford School Board (Ed McCowan, Returning Officer)

* nominations for parent representatives received prior to the 3rd March will be emailed to parents

* nominations can also be accepted from the floor at the AGM

* there are four vacancies for board members and one for the PTFA chair

7. Election of the Chairperson of the Board (Ed McCowan Returning Officer)

8. Appointment of Auditor

* the current Board suggests that the auditors, Morris and Sojnocki, be re-appointed

9. Motions to amend the Constitution (if any received by the 3rd March)

Mufti Day Friday 28 February

Mufti Days are organised by the Student Council as a fundraiser. They are on the Friday of week 5 of each term. The Student Council comes up with a theme for the Mufti day and students come dressed in that theme on Mufti day. Students who come dressed in Mufti have to pay $5.00 which goes to the Student Council and will be used for projects in the school or the community.

The theme for Primary School: “Colours of the Rainbow”

The theme for Secondary school: “Tropical Island”

Woodford’s Instagram account

We're so happy to announce that Woodford now has an Instagram account! Follow us at @wis.edu.sb to see all the latest activities, event photos and maybe some inside scoop from our student council. https://www.instagram.com/wis.edu.sb/

Secondary Department

1. STEM is now in its second week. Students have been allocated into groups and each team has a staff mentor. They should choose a topic for their project by next week.

2. ECA's are running, if your child/ren have signed up for ECA, please encourage your child/ren and check that he/she is participating as expected.

3. Ensure that your child wears their shoes and school uniform when coming to school. If they have a genuine excuse for not wearing proper shoes or uniform, please write a note or contact the homeroom teacher or Middle & High School coordinators.

4. A big thank you to WEST (Woodford Education Support Team). They have done a tremendous job in helping our High school students in proper planning their time for study and also on behavioural control. A reminder to parents and students that we have a support team and a school counsellor so feel free to maximise the support we offer.

5. General punctuality to school. School starts at 8:20 am so be at school beforehand.

6. All PE classes for High school are in the morning so students can come to school wearing their PE uniform and change into their school uniform after their PE sesion..

7. The school requires students to make use of the lockers and store their school belongings inside, instead of carrying their bags around. PLEASE use your locker.

8. Students who have missed unit tests, quizzes, assignments or practicals due to illness (or any excused absence) should make arrangements with the teachers concerned to do the assessments (or alternative assessment) as some are assessed internally.

Upcoming Events

Week 5

* Friday 28 February: MUFTI Day.

* Theme for Primary School: “Colours of the Rainbow”

* Theme for Secondary School: “Tropical Island”

* Friday 28 February: Year 2 Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 12 Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall.

Week 6

* Friday 6 March: Year 5 Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 6B Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall

Week 7

* Monday 9- 13 Friday: Book Week

* Wednesday 11 March: AGM at 7 pm in the Training Room

* Friday 13 March: Book Week Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 8 Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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