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Weekly Email: Week 5 Term 2

Dear Parents and Guardians

School restarts for all students on Monday 25 May

We are looking forward to welcoming all students back on Monday 25 May. School starts at 8:20 am and finishes at 3:00 pm or at 4:00 pm if your child is doing an ECA.  We urge parents to pick your children up straight after school.  

Please note that there are 2 additional weeks to this term from the original calendar. This term now finishes on Friday 3 July and Term 3 restarts on Tuesday 14 July This means that there is only a 1 week holiday between Term 2 and 3

Term 2 Fees Clarification.

Apologies for any confusion in this area but circumstances have been changing week by week and the Board have decided to make any fee adjustments in Term 3 when our situation is clearer. This means Term 2 fees remain as previously announced.  Now is a critical time for our cash flows and your prompt payment is hugely appreciated.

For clarification the Board as previously announced did meet last month regarding fees and decided that there would be no change for Term 2 but would consider rebates and reviews in Term 3. As I pointed out in my email last week parents can reach out to school to organise arrangements. We have had a few parents contacting school to make such arrangements on payment plans.   There is discussion on the board regarding rebates or discounts but we also need to know the make up of who will actually be attending school so that the recommendation we will make will not benefit some at the expense of others.  

Staff have worked to good effect throughout the enforced break to provide online work and support but we are aware that this is not practicable or effective for all of our students.  I also thank teachers for their goodwill in accepting that the school term calendar will also be adjusted to make up for lost school times throughout the rest of the 2020 school year.  

New WIS Health and Safety procedures

With the reopening of school we put new health and safety procedures in place. Please read the relevant attached documents so that you know what these new procedures are. Also talk to your child/ren about them so they know what to expect when coming back to school on Monday. We advise parents not to send your child to school if they are sick.

Download PDF • 494KB
Download • 145KB

Online Learning

Online learning will continue this term for the students who are overseas. If you do no longer require the teachers to send your child work online, please let the classroom or homeroom teacher know. 

Woodford’s Instagram account and new website

Follow us at @wis.edu.sb to see all the latest activities, event photos and maybe some inside scoop from our student council. https://www.instagram.com/wis.edu.sb/

Secondary Department

a. We would like to welcome Roylee Bella to the Secondary team this term. Roylee was already teaching in Primary school and will now also be teaching Physical and Health Education for Year 6 - 12 students as of Monday next week.

b. Please be advised that if you have any issues, problems, concerns or questions your first port of call is to contact your child’s Homeroom or the subject teacher via email. 

c. Ms Hnin (Year 9 - 12 Chemistry teacher)  is still away in Australia but is providing two pre-recorded tutorials and online face-face sessions with her students each week. Mr Randy is providing extra support for Chemistry students this term.

d. Due to the current situation, there will be no assemblies and  excursions until further notice.

e. All Secondary ECA activities for this term will be solely academic-based activities. 

f. We would like to strongly encourage secondary parents/guardians to promptly pick up your child/ren at 3 pm each day. If your child/ren has an ECA they can be picked up at 4 pm.

Upcoming Events

Week 6

  • Monday 25 May: Primary and Middle School students go back to school

  • Tuesday 26 May: Primary and Secondary school Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’s) start

Week 7

  • Friday 5 June: MUFTI Day for both Primary and Secondary students. The themes will be announced next week.

Week 9

  • Monday 15- Friday 19 June: Middle and High School exams

Enjoy your weekend!

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