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Weekly Email: Week 7 Term 1

Dear Parents and Guardians

Woodford Text Message

Yesterday, as a test, a text message regarding the AGM was sent from Woodford to all numbers on our database of parent mobile numbers.  This is viewed as a very important means of communication particularly for emergency contacts.  IF YOU DID NOT RECEIVE A TEXT FROM WOODFORD YESTERDAY CONTACT THE OFFICE ON 30186 AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  


Thank you to all of those parents who turned up to the AGM last night.  Your presence allowed us to easily reach our quorum of 53 parents and ensured a successful meeting.  New board members, including a new PTFA chair, were elected and presentations on finance, school achievements and future challenges were delivered.  The minutes of the meeting, including the names of your new representatives, will be circulated shortly along with copies of the various presentations.

Book Week Parade: Friday 13 March 

It is Book Week and each Year level has chosen a book with the focus on the theme: “Wild Things, Curious Minds”.  Students are encouraged to come dressed as a character from that book for the Book Week Parade, which is part of the Book Week Assembly at 8:30 am on Friday 13 March.

Primary Years Programme (PYP) Parent Workshop

In the Primary School we use the IB Primary Years Programme as our curriculum framework. This curriculum might be different from what you are used to in other schools. 

If you want to know more about the PYP, please come to the Parent Workshop on Friday 20 March. The workshop will be after the WISE assembly and will be in the training room. This is  a great opportunity to interact with other parents and learn about the PYP. 

Three Way Conferences

On Wednesday 25 March both Primary and Secondary school will have Three-Way conferences. This is one of our reporting periods and is a pupil free day.

Three-Way conferences actively involve parents, students and teachers in reflecting on student achievement, discussing work samples and setting future goals. Three-way conferences acknowledge the most important participants in the learning process (student, teacher and parent). The student leads the Three-Way conference. He or she is actively involved in the discussion about their performance. The teacher acts as facilitator, guiding the student through the process. Throughout the conference parents and the teacher are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and encouragement to the student and share their thoughts and ideas on what is being presented and on what goals or targets they think are appropriate. Conferences with different subject teachers  or homeroom teachers run for 10 minutes.

Booking sheets will be sent home tomorrow, Friday, in paper form. These have to be returned to school by Wednesday of next week. If you have any questions about booking for the Three-Way conferences, please contact Bronya on bronya.olofia@wis.edu.sb.

Secondary Department

a. Counselling Service

Ms Esmee  started at the beginning of this year as an additional resource to help the Middle and High school students succeed in their academic goals, as well as support social and emotional growth throughout the school year.  Counselling sessions in a school setting are typically short-term in nature and focus on solutions to help them succeed in all areas of their development. Counselling activities include individual or group counselling, whole-class presentations and observations.  Many of these activities will focus on helping students learn ways to build positive social skills, gain confidence in their ability to interact with others and learn ways to deal with problems and conflicts constructively.

2. Mobile phones

In Middle and High school we have always had a very sensible and realistic approach to mobile phones. We accept that the majority of students have a mobile phone and bring them to school. The policy has always been that students should not use their mobile phones during school hours unless they have permission from a teacher. Up until now we have been very tolerant of our young people when it comes to mobile phones but some students are taking advantage of that tolerance. 

We ask that you remind your child that a mobile phone is a privilege, however, if your child/ren are found misusing their phones during instructional hours, phones will be confiscated and you will be called and notified by the teacher at the end of the day.  If issues continue to occur, the phone will be held for up to a week or the student is asked to leave it at home.

3. Thank you 

Thank you to the WEST team and our school counsellor Esmee for working with our High school students on behavioural management challenges and study management this week.

4. The Middle and High school have been monitoring students’ progression over the past couple of weeks and will be rolling out its intervention program in the coming weeks for students who have academic and behavioural challenges. This should provide alternatives to help each student developmental progression. 

Upcoming Events

Week 7

  • Friday 13 March: Primary Book Week Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 8 Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall

Week 8

  • Friday 20 March: WISE Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 10 Assembly at 2:20 in the hall.

  • Friday 20 March: Primary Years Programme (PYP) at 9:10 am in the Training Room.

Week 9

  • Wednesday 25 March: Primary/Secondary Three Way conferences. There is no normal school on this day. Students and parents come to school during their scheduled time.

  • Friday 27 March: Prep Assembly at 8:30 am in the hall/ Year 6A Assembly at 2:20 pm in the hall

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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