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Weekly Email: Week 8 Term 1

Dear Parents and Guardians

Corona Virus Meeting

I write at what clearly is a very worrying time for families around the world.  Last night the whole Woodford School Board attended an emergency meeting on the Coronavirus situation.  It was a surprisingly upbeat meeting with much planning confirmed regarding a range of possible scenarios.  

It is likely that the school will close in its present form at least some time in the near to medium future.  We will do all in our power to ensure education continues but certainly not at the cost of any student’s or their family’s health.  

If we are required to close in the next few days or weeks we will extend the school holiday from the closure date to our scheduled Term 2 return date on 21st April.  Similar to last year’s rescheduling during the election period we will make up lost learning time during the remainder of the school year.

We have also reaffirmed our commitment to our education programmes by planning to roll out significant online learning over the coming weeks with particular emphasis on our examination classes in Year 9 to 12.  More information on this will be sent in due course.   

I am pleased to report that the school is in reasonably robust shape and the Board and myself are confident that we can survive into 2021 even if we need to make some changes along the way. 

You will have noticed some small exodus of expatriates back to their home countries.  I have been assured that the exodus is only temporary and the vast majority will return.  Many high commissions, embassies, companies based off shore and global development agencies are requiring their families to return to their home countries.   

Anthony Baron (HoS)

Woodford’s Got Talent (WGT) Postponed

The school has decided to postpone this event as a precautionary measure. We thank all the students and staff who have been working really hard to get ready for this event. We will keep you informed of when WGT will be on.

Assemblies are cancelled for the rest of this term

The school wants to avoid big gatherings to ensure social distancing and has made the decision to cancel all Primary and Secondary school assemblies for the remainder of this term.

Last week for Extra Curricular Activities (ECA’S)

Week 8 is the last week for ECA’s. There are NO ECA’s during week 9 and 10. We urge parents to pick their children up straight after school at 3:00 pm. There will be NO late bus for the students who use the school bus after school.

Three Way Conferences

On Wednesday 25 March both Primary and Secondary school will have Three-Way conferences. This is one of our reporting periods and is a pupil free day. Students are expected to wear their school uniform when coming to school.

Three-Way conferences actively involve parents, students and teachers in reflecting on student achievement, discussing work samples and setting future goals. Three-way conferences acknowledge the most important participants in the learning process (student, teacher and parent). The student leads the Three-Way conference. He or she is actively involved in the discussion about their performance. The teacher acts as facilitator, guiding the student through the process. Throughout the conference parents and the teacher are encouraged to ask questions, provide feedback and encouragement to the student and share their thoughts and ideas on what is being presented and on what goals or targets they think are appropriate. Conferences with different subject teachers  or homeroom teachers run for 10 minutes.

Booking sheets were sent home last Friday, in paper form. These had to be returned to school yesterday.  If you have any questions about booking for the Three-Way conferences, please contact Bronya on bronya.olofia@wis.edu.sb.

Upcoming Events

Week 8

  • Friday 20 March: All Assemblies have been cancelled for the remainder of this term!

  • Saturday 21 March: Woodford’s Got Talent. Postponed.

Week 9

  • Wednesday 25 March: Primary/Secondary Three Way conferences. There is no normal school on this day. Students and parents come to school during their scheduled time. 

Week 10

  • Friday 3 April: Last Day of Term One

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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