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Weekly Email: Week 9 Term 1

Updated: May 1, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians

Online Working

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of my staff for their hard work, expertise and imagination in providing online assignments for our students during this most worrying of times.  All parents should by now have received something from us about engaging students in online work. For many of us online work is a totally new venture and there will inevitably be teething problems.  I know already that some parents are having problems joining our google classroom. The root cause is because in the settings we do not allow people outside this organisation to join us. We are trying to change this setting. If we cannot solve it quickly, we will ask the teachers to send out their work by email. Only lower primary is affected because all other year levels students have their own WIS account.  


这几天以来,我们每位老师每天都在学校努力工作,把学生们的学习教材和作业放上网。从週二开始,每位班导已经建置了 Google Classroom, 并且已经邀请各位家长/学生加入,也在上面陆续寄出作业。三年级以上的学生会有自己的学校 email,二年级以下的学生,我们需要家长的帮忙。如果您还没有收到学校通知,或是平时家中没有网路,欢迎您随时和我们联繫。学校办公室週一到週五仍旧上班,也欢迎您来到办公室将作业印出。Woodford 感谢各位家长、学生和老师的配合,让我们在索罗门推动线上学习。若有任何建议,欢迎您随时提出!(目前已知有些家长无法加入,我们已经明确得知问题所在并更改设定,但需要 24 小时才能完全更新。若您明天仍旧无法登入,请再次和我们联络。)

To see a few things we are doing here are some recent posts about our online learning on Instagram:

1. Wendy and Hnin's photos


2. Achal and Roylee's photos


3. The four teachers' videos (extracts)


How you can help

Please check in as best you can on your children’s work, the due dates of any homework and their communication with the school.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us at the school with any problems.

We have had a very good response from those parents and students still based here in Honiara but have heard significantly less from those isolating overseas.  Please let us know if you are experiencing internet or other issues.

I am going to circulate invoices for Term 2 fees.  Please try to pay these as soon as possible to help alleviate any upcoming cash flow issues.

Future Planning

The Board, the Business Manager and myself have been engaged in planning for a range of possible future scenarios both medium and long term.  I will share these with you as and when events unfold. Currently we hope to continue our online working until the official end of this term. I will then give a well-earned “holiday” to all of my staff for the scheduled two week Easter Break.  The school will reopen on Tuesday 21st April.  Whether that is a full opening with students, a full online programme or some mixture of online and attendance depends on local instructions regarding the Covid 19 epidemic.  

Please stay well.

Secondary School Newsletter

 a. Online classroom - The secondary teachers are pioneering the first-ever online teaching and learning using 'Google Classroom &  'Class Dojo' this week. Till date, Woodford International School is the first-ever school to implement the primary & secondary school remote learning model in the Solomon Islands. We welcome feedback from parents/guardians to effectively run the curriculum online. 

b. Schoolwork online - If your child didn't receive his/her schoolwork online due to internet access or other related issues, please immediately contact the school. We will also follow up on students who don't respond to our online classes as of today.

c. Communication - The school will use the usual methods of email or sms texts to alert you when we send out materials online. Could you please contact the school if you know your contact details have changed.  If you have any queries, please feel welcome to contact communication@wis.edu.sb.   

d.  The secondary leadership team is currently working on a plan to report back to you on students' progress this term. We will keep you updated early next week.

Enjoy the rest of the week and stay healthy!

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