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Head of School

I have been a teacher and or school leader for over 40 years. I have worked on five continents and have been a head teacher in International Schools in the Seychelles, the Bahamas and Angola along with deputy head and secondary principal roles in Cambodia and Malawi. My international career followed 10 years of teaching in the UK and an academic background which includes a Bachelor and Masters degree in Economics, a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and a second MA in Education Development and Planning from the London University institute of Education. My personal aim here at Woodford is to draw on the Japanese idea of Kaizen, which translates roughly to "good change," it is a Japanese productivity philosophy that helps you organize everything you do. In short, it means "constant, continuous improvement," and fosters in schools, a culture of where the quality of teaching and learning underpins all positive change. 

It is important to ensure that this improvement doesn’t come at too great a financial or social cost. It would, for example, be ridiculous to jeopardize the warm heart of Woodford and the vibrancy of the students and staff in a headlong rush for narrow sporting, academic and even artistic achievement. We have to meet the needs of all students inclusive of those good at sport, academics and the arts but not exclusively so. Developing a first rate and inclusive international school which goes out of its way to meet the needs of all individual students here in the Solomon Islands is being achieved. It is happening through the implementation of a hands-on, exciting and engaging curriculum (using the International Baccalaureate PYP and Cambridge IGCSE and AL) that draws heavily on the local resources and uses the very nature of the economic and social environment to provide a stimulus to student learning, staff motivation and parental involvement. 

Having had the privilege of working in other small economy environments I know just how vital an exceptional international school can be. Woodford has the potential to provide an impetus to growth for the entire Solomon Island community. By providing academically able and well-qualified graduates who are internationally minded and imbued with the emotional, flexible and academic mindset necessary for success in todays working environment Woodford is invaluable. Woodford’s global strength in academics and extra-curricular activities already allows many local employers in both the public and private sectors to attract the high calibre expatriate workers they require. 

All parents should not just be comfortable with their kids being here at Woodford but also both thrilled and excited that they are!


The Leadership Team

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Deputy Head Of School

Head of Communication/ICT

Secondary School Principal

Augustine Kafukese
cherolyn tasa

High School Coordinator

Middle School Coordinator

Primary School Coordinator


                         Teaching Staff

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The WISE Centre (ECE) Teacher

The WISE Centre (ECE) Teacher

Prep Homeroom Teacher

Prep Homeroom Teacher

Year 1 Homeroom Teacher

Year 2 Homeroom Teacher

Year 3 Homeroom Teacher

Year 3 Homeroom Teacher, Primary School Coordinator

Year 4 Homeroom Teacher

Year 5 Homeroom Teacher

Year 5 Homeroom Teacher

Primary School - Information Communication Technology (ICT)


Primary & Middle School Mandarin,
Communication & ICT

Primary School - Mandarin & Music

Year 7 Homeroom teacher, Art/Drama

Personal, Social, Physical Education (PSPE)

Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Event Coordinator

Year 6A Homeroom Teacher, Middle School - English

Year 6B Homeroom Teacher, Middle School - Mathematics

Year 9 Geography, Science Lab Assistant

Year 8 Homeroom Teacher, Middle School - Studies of Society & Environment (SOSE)

Year 9 Homeroom Teacher, High School - Chemistry

Year 10 Homeroom Teacher, Middle School – Business Studies

Year 11 Homeroom Teacher, High School - Mathematics

Year 12 Homeroom Teacher,  High school - Physics, High School Coordinator

Secondary School - Information Communication Technology (ICT)

Middle School Science, Year 9 Biology, Middle School Coordinator

High school- Geography and History

High School - English

Middle School - Music, Secondary School Principal


Teaching Assistants


Office Staff

Jacob Moli

Logistics Manager

Bronya Olofia

Office Assistant

Joycelyn Ofana


Christina Beck




Sue Mackie
Margarett Tetepe
Nerolyn Evoa

Finance Manager (Part Time)

Accounts Manager

Finance Assistant


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