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Student Life at Woodford International School

Student Leadership Team

Both the primary and secondary schools have active student council bodies that are responsible for the organising of social functions such as discos, mufti-day and raising funds to develop our campus.

Secondary School Prefects 

The appointment to the position of Prefect is an honour afforded to a student by the School Community. It is an office which carries specific responsibilities. These are in three main areas:

  • The Prefect as a student leader

  • The Prefect as an example to other students

  • The Prefect as an ambassador for the school

Prefects are students who endeavour to be positive role models and provide leadership to the school. They represent the school and provide assistance at a number of functions including the Sport Athletics Carnivals, Woodford's Got Talent, the High School Disco and other tasks as advised by the Leadership Team.

House Captains

House Captains are assigned to each House from Secondary School. Vice-captains are chosen from Year 5 in the Primary School. They are responsible for leading their houses in competitions and events and for giving out student awards at assemblies.

Woodford Secondary Student Council 2021


Brandon Guan

Head Boy

The head boy is responsible to report to the Secondary Principal and Student council mentor on matters concerning students. He compiles and updates on prefect matters . He also chairs student council meetings, makes announcements on behalf of the student body and ensure that all prefects carry out their duties. He represents the school during national and international events.

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School Song


Oh Creator of the World 
Help us to love one another
Help us to care for each other
Like sister, like sister and brother
That friendships may grow 
From nation to nation
Bring peace to our world
Amen, amen

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